Please read this entire post as it contains important race information.

Last minute supplies
We've had many requests for last minute supplies. Basin Sports, who is one of our sponsors, located at 500 West Main Street in Vernal, has a great selection of running and swimming supplies. Altitude Cycle is also available for last minute bike supplies, tune ups, etc. If you need their assistance please visit their store at 580 East Main. They will not be available onsite for last minute tune ups.

We want to thank Marriott for their continued support of our race. If you need a place to stay, SpringHill Suites and TownePlace Suites Marriott still have some rooms available and a discount for participants. Call Marriott at 435-781-9000 and ask for the DinoTri discount, they will take care of you!

Packet Pickup Information
Packet pickup will be announced about two weeks before the race.  

You must have your picture ID with you. NO ID NO RACE. For teams, all team members have to be present and show id. This is a USAT rule which we must strictly adhere to. Also if you have an annual USAT membership, make sure you have your USAT card with you. We will have all of the race maps available, information regarding all aspects of the race and of course you can get your head shaved by one of the race directors.

Bike Drop Off
Bike drop off will be Friday, June 29th at Red Fleet State Park from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM for all racers including relay riders. Bike inspection will be done here and is a mandatory USAT rule. Make sure you have bar plugs. Gates to Red Fleet will be locked after this time and no one will be allowed entrance to the park after 9:00 PM. Please plan accordingly, it takes about 20 minutes to drive to Red Fleet from Vernal. Your bike is the only thing you need to drop off that night. The rest of your swim and bike gear can be transported up with you on the shuttle bus Saturday morning. There will be security at Red Fleet that night. 

Transition 1 Information
Non-racers are NOT allowed into the transition areas. Volunteers are instructed to keep non-racers out of transition, this includes your significant other, coach, children or even dogs. Please inform non-racers they are not to enter transition areas. This is only in place to protect your equipment and to help ensure a better race day.

At packet pickup you will be given a transition bag with your race number marked on this bag. Put any gear that you will leave behind at transition 1 in this bag. This includes bags, wetsuits, warm up clothes, etc. Please note: any items that will be left behind in transition must be placed in this bag. Volunteers will not be responsible for trying to figure out where loose gear belongs. Any items that are not in these transition bags will be donated to a local charity.

Parking and Shuttle Busses
Parking will be available Uintah High School. Racers and spectators will have to park there and walk about 1/4 mile to the bus pickup and finish line area. Parking will not be allowed in the USU parking lot as racers will be transitioning from bike to run and finishing in the parking lot. This policy is for everyone's safety, please do not try to park in USU parking lot, you will be asked to move. 

Busses will be provided through Uintah School District. They will be shuttling racers to Red Fleet State park Saturday June 24th starting at 5:30 AM leaving from transition 2 area. Transition two will be at Utah State University Vernal Branch Campus located directly across 500 North from the High School, its address is 320 North 2000 West (Aggie Boulevard). Busses will run approximately every 10 minutes. Do not delay getting to the shuttle area. Last bus will pick up at 6:15. If you miss the bus you will not be able to race. We are not allowing any personal vehicles into Red Fleet State Park. Also, we will allow spectators to ride the shuttle up to the park to watch the swim start, however please let the spectators know we will not allow the bus transporting spectators back to the finish line to leave the park until the last cyclist has left transition 1. Spectators that choose to attend swim start could miss your finish.

Transition 2
Transition 2 items need to be set up prior to boarding the shuttle bus. Find your bike rack location in transition 2 and set up your run gear there. No non-racers are allowed in transition. Volunteers are instructed to keep non-racers out of transition, this includes your significant other, coach, children or even dogs. Please inform non-racers they are not to enter transition areas.

Race Start
Race start will be at 7:00 AM. Water temperature is expected to be approximately 63 degrees, let’s hope for a warm week to bring those temperatures UP!!! Wetsuits are recommended. Waves will likely be as follows, changes will be announced prior to race:

Olympic Men
Olympic Women 
Sprint Men
Sprint Women

Waves will start 3-5 minutes apart. When race director indicates it is time to move to the dock, please do so quickly. It takes time to get 250 racers into the water. Swim start will be a deep water start. Swim will be clock wise around the course, Olympic racers go twice around the course. Boats and kayaks will be on the water. At any time you can rest by holding onto a boat. You will only be disqualified from race if the boat/person/kayak helps you make forward progress. Swim exits on the boat ramp.

Bike Course
The bike course runs out of the park and down Highway 191 into Vernal. The sprint will go to USU campus to Transition two, while the Olympic takes a turn up Dry Fork Canyon before going to USU and transition two. Highway 191 from Red Fleet state park to the turn on 3300 North (Don Pedros) will be closed to one lane of traffic. There will be cones on the road and highway patrol will be shuttling traffic. You MUST STILL ride as close to the white line as possible, otherwise you will be in an obstruction position and could incur a penalty. Please ride as far to the right of the road as possible so you do not obstruct riders who may pass you. Please make yourself aware of the USAT rules regarding passing. Also make sure that you have proper bike and helmet and that you have bar end plugs in the end of your handlebars. We will have course officials on the course monitoring cyclists. It is each racers responsibility to know and follow the rules of triathlon. Please review the most commonly violated USA Triathlon rules here:


You can review maps of the bike course here:

Run Course
Run course is the same as last year, starting at USU Vernal Branch Campus parking lot. The Sprint 5K will run the course once, the Olympic 10K will run the course twice. Make sure Olympic racers keep to the left your first time around and loop again, going right into the finish only after running the course twice. Please review course maps prior to race day. Be aware of where run course travels. Run Course will be closed to traffic for most of the race. 

Please review run map here:

Race Finish
Race finish will be at Utah State University parking lot. Post-race food for athletes will be available, such as fruit, chocolate milk, ice cream and water. Please be sure any spectators with you understand that the food is for the racers only. Awards Ceremony will start at approximately 10 AM, Sprint categories first. 

Miscellaneous Instructions:
Timing Chips must be worn on your ankles. Chips will be handed out at Red Fleet Saturday morning. No chip = No Time. Relay teams must change chip in transition areas. 

Remember this is a USAT sanctioned event. USAT rules apply. Review the USAT rules here:

Body Marking: Ever wonder why you need to be body marked? First it’s a USAT rule, second, it helps race directors and volunteers keep track of athletes, and third in the case of emergency it will help emergency crews identify racers in need. Please make sure you are body marked at Packet Pickup and if it comes off please get marked again at transition one!

Swimming: If at any time you feel that you need to rest use the beach, buoys, boats or dock to rest. You will not be disqualified unless outside assistance helps you make forward progress. 

Road Traffic: Most of the bike course is open to road traffic. Although we will have volunteers at most intersections, please use common sense. When in doubt use caution around vehicles, and follow traffic signals if there are not volunteers or law enforcement at an intersection. Volunteers cannot stop traffic, only law enforcement can do that. So please use caution and protect yourself. Stay on the shoulder at all times except to pass.

Aid Stations: There will be one aid station on the Olympic bike course at the turn around in Dry Fork Canyon. There will not be any aid stations on the Sprint bike course. Please pack your own water and energy food if necessary. The run course will have two water stations at the exit of T2 and about every half mile as you pass by the round about. 

Hydration: Summer events take a toll on your body. Begin hydrating 2-3 days prior to competing. Consider Hydration as a key to having your best race and avoiding medics at the race finish. 

Finish Line Tent: This area is meant for athletes only. Please keep family and friends out of this area. This is where a volunteer will remove your chip, give you the DinoTri finishers medal and you can get some post-race food. 

Special Needs: If you have special needs during the race please notify us prior to the race so that we can accommodate you.

Safety/Medical needs: If you need medical assistance on the course, look for official vehicles, volunteers or let another racer know and they can tell us when they pass by. Volunteers will have two-way radios on the bike course and ambulance will be located at start and finish lines.

Weather: The Race Director, State Park Management, or Law Enforcement reserve the right to reschedule, modify or cancel any or all portions of this event if weather conditions or anything else compromises athlete safety or makes the originally planned event unsafe or impossible. There will be no refunds for rescheduled, modified or cancelled events. 

We hope that you will enjoy our race, we put our heart and souls into making this one of the finest productions you will participate in this year. If at any time you need assistance this week please call or email us. We want your trip to Vernal to be as stress free as possible so that you can enjoy the race on race day. We are extremely grateful that you choose our race, and we hope to make this an experience you will never forget.


DinoTri Race Director
Greg Murphy

Joel Johnson
​Emilee Johnson

Contact us at 801-656-5897 or email vernaldinotri@yahoo.com.

Cycling Utah Review of the 2016 Triathlon 

“The DinoTri is a favorite of mine, not only because it is a local race, but because of how well it is run.  It's such a fun course, and it's a triathlon I plan on doing every year until either it, or I, join the dinosaurs in extinction.”

 “I have been participating in Triathlons for several years now.  This is the first year I have participated in the DinoTri.  I convinced a couple friends to join me… …We all loved the event and plan on doing it again next year.  We did not even know of Red Fleet Reservoir prior to the event.  It is one of the best swim venues we have experienced.  A big thank you to you and the others involved.”

 “thanks for putting on such a fun race! Truly one of the friendliest, best-run in the state in my opinion!”

​ “It’s a beautiful course a lot of fun, and they are really well organized.”
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Olympic Course Record
David Henestrosa     1:55:49

Malaika Homo           2:09:01

Sprint Course Record
Rob Lea                      59:05

Taylor Fog                  1:07:10

Oldest Participant
Jerry Nolan                 72

Marti Irish                   61

2016 Pictures by Cycling Utah
The Vernal DinoTri starts in the gorgeous Red Fleet State park for one of the most incredible swims you will ever have, surrounded by majestic red cliffs. A crazy hill climb greets bikers out of the park followed by the fastest 11 miles in triathlon road cycling imaginable. Finish with a flat run course that takes you through the new Main Street area of Vernal to one of the most family friendly finishes ever. Add it all up and you can see why critics call this one of Utah's Best Events.
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